C-Flex has more than 15 years of staffing experience in several fields like enigineering, construction and building. We have a large database of motivated employees. Our employees are well-trained and highly experienced professionals from the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal and other EU member states. The professionals C-Flex mediates are diverse; engineers, carpenters, welders, painters, tilers etc. Do you have specific needs? Are you looking for professionals or are you the expert we are looking for? Please contact us at info@cflex.nl Over the last few years we have further professionalized our company by joining several sector organizations. We are registered with the RIA (Register Inleen Arbeid), VRO and SFT (Stichting Financiële Toetsing). In addition we are ISO and VCU certified and are being audited thoroughly 4 times per year. If needed we will supply our customers with all required documentation in relation to the WKA (Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid).